Artificial Futures

Digital Strategy and
User Experience for an
Automated Tomorrow

Artificial Futures is a digital strategy and user experience firm built for the age of automation. We believe in the transformative power of technology, however, know that if designed poorly, it can be a dangerous tool for dehumanization. We envision a world where automation integrates seamlessly with people in a way that is ethical, efficient, and enjoyable. To do this, we work with companies around the world and across industries to design superior artificial experiences for the automation technologies of tomorrow.

Modern Automation Sucks.

Chatbots are bland, robots are awkward, and most AI systems are designed to be used by ML engineers instead of everyone. Artificial Futures wants to change this. Our mission is to democratize AI and robotic experiences to augment and promote our humanity instead of erode it. Technology doesn’t have to undermine our values, however, unless we actively design the experiences we want, we will passively allow automation to become a reflection of the worst of ourselves.

The challenge is that there is a disconnect between the leaders that envision new products and services, the developers that program these systems, and the people that experience them. We hope to bridge this gap by understanding the people you’re designing for and acting as a translator between strategic leadership and tactical development.

Artificial Experience Design (AX) is the next generation of UX for the age of automation. However, no longer do we simply ask “where should I place this button?” or “how should I structure information?” We now must ask questions like “what personality do my words convey?”, “how does my bot’s facial expression make people feel?”, or even “what kind of relationship will someone develop with this agent?”. Technology is transitioning from being a tool to a relationship in our lives and how we design AI and robotic systems must evolve to consider these social complexities.

Artificial Experience Design

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