Artificial Futures is a digital strategy and user experience design firm for the age of automation

The Collective

Shane Saunderson

Artificial Experience Designer

Charles Segal

Technology Strategist

Priya Kaliandasani

Strategic Marketing Ninja

Ruben Campos

Tech Change Catalyst

Adan Moran-MacDonald

Automation Innovator

Lena Kalaycian


Noah Khan

Research Wizard

Jacob Oldenkamp

Imagery Procurement Specialist

Artificial Futures was born out of a need for more humane technology. We believe in technology’s transformative power and understand its risks all too well. At their best, automation technologies can be tools that give us superhuman powers and bring the exciting visions of science fiction to reality. At their worst, these same technologies can become dangerous tools for dehumanization.

As we enter the age of automation and AI becomes embedded in every facet of our work and personal lives, the design of these systems must be more intentional and holistic. We envision a world where automation integrates seamlessly with people in a way that is ethical, efficient, and enjoyable. To do this, we work with leading companies across industries and around the world to design superior artificial experiences for the automation technologies of tomorrow.

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