RNA Reprogramming

Min didn’t feel any different. However, as she awoke on the cold operating table, her mind began to make sense of the fact that so much had changed. The procedure had to be invasive since the root of her cancer was deep in the bone marrow. Min glanced at the recovery room clock and saw […]

What Do You Mean by Strategy?

What exactly does the word ‘strategy’ mean to you? You may read HBR with some frequency and use terms like “resource allocation” when you’re talking about hiring or firing people. You may quote deeply from Sun Tzu and have some sort of professional sports memorabilia hung awkwardly or proudly in your office. You may consider […]

Artificial Desire: Love & Lust in Robotics

Article Originally Published in 2016 yet still shockingly fascinating today. A cursory search of the mighty internet will reveal that I am far from the first person to write about this topic. In fact, in addition to countless books, articles, videos (ew), video games (double-ew), and preachy religious websites, this past November even saw theFirst […]