Robot-Centered Design

The future of user-centered design with a new kind of stakeholder You’re a designer. You create products, experiences, services, buildings, and more. Each time you begin the design process, you consider the multitude of touchpoints and features of your design and how they engage with your intended user. This is the logic of the Human-Centered […]

Artificial Futures Launch Presentation

On January 19, 2023, we launched Artificial Futures. The evening was the culmination of months of planning and years of experience. An amazing crew of humans was on hand to support the launch and during the evening, founder Shane Saunderson gave a presentation about the company’s vision, mission, and offerings. If you want to know […]

The Case for Artificial Experience DesignFeatured

The history of User Experience (UX) is a reactive one. Long before the term was coined, let alone developed into a robust set of tools and frameworks, people were fighting back against the cold, dehumanizing doctrines of Taylorism and Ford’s assembly line. These methods treated people like cogs in a machine. Yet due to their […]