Printing Life

It wasn’t so much that Eric was an alcoholic; he just couldn’t think of anything better to do with his evenings. His doctor had warned him for years that his drinking would catch up to him, however, as Eric looked through the protective glass of the Bioplotter scanning back and forth, slowly building up his […]

The End of Purpose: Automation Implications

The whole point of automation is to make our lives easier. Designers aim to take steps out of someone’s day (drive your car, prep your meal, brush your teeth, etc.) and transfer that responsibility to a machine of some kind. In theory, this setup sounds ideal – the more mundane tasks we can transfer to […]

Robot-Centered Design

The future of user-centered design with a new kind of stakeholder You’re a designer. You create products, experiences, services, buildings, and more. Each time you begin the design process, you consider the multitude of touchpoints and features of your design and how they engage with your intended user. This is the logic of the Human-Centered […]