Artificial Bosses and Robot Employees

5 Tips to Getting the Most Out of Your Robotic Workforce.  So you’ve made the leap to automating part or all of your workforce with robotic employees or “roploys.” Congratulations, you are at the forefront of the robotics movement and are leading the charge forward towards a new era of workplace operations and productivity. However, […]

What Chat-GPT Thinks of our Founder

We asked Chat-GPT to write a 500 word professional bio about Shane Saunderson. This is the stream of lies a chatbot spewed back at us. Remember kids: generative AI can be fun and creative… but it’s hallucinations and lies are a very real thing: Shane Saunderson is a dynamic and accomplished professional with extensive experience […]

The End of Big Tech

History repeats itself and right now, the tech industry is starting to look a lot like it was in the 1970s. In the 70s, the tech was dominated by 2 firms: AT&T and IBM. AT&T’s telephones were in every home in America and it controlled pretty much the full gamut of communications – local, long-distance, […]

Automating Manipulation

I know how to control you with a robot. Or at least, I’m learning to. Though I suppose what I really mean to say is that my robots and AI are. If this doesn’t scare the crap out you, it should. Not because we suddenly have technology that we can use to subtly manipulate people […]

Humanlike Objects and Our Social Minds

Research and article done in collaboration with Isabella Kuo Why do we yell at our computer when it struggles to work? Why do some cars look like they’re smiling? Why does your guitar seem free-spirited? This is because of our innate human tendency for anthropomorphism: the ascription of humanlike characteristics, intentions or emotions in nonhuman […]