Printing Life

It wasn’t so much that Eric was an alcoholic; he just couldn’t think of anything better to do with his evenings. His doctor had warned him for years that his drinking would catch up to him, however, as Eric looked through the protective glass of the Bioplotter scanning back and forth, slowly building up his […]

Artificial Bosses and Robot Employees

5 Tips to Getting the Most Out of Your Robotic Workforce.  So you’ve made the leap to automating part or all of your workforce with robotic employees or “roploys.” Congratulations, you are at the forefront of the robotics movement and are leading the charge forward towards a new era of workplace operations and productivity. However, […]

The Window Washer

Zeke ran the squeegee methodically across the porthole, stealing glances at the watery ruins of South street as he wiped away the soapy film. From his perspective inside of the Old Slip Plaza, he could see schools of fish winding their ways around old recycling bins and past street signs reading “One Way”. The room […]

The Clinical Repairman

It’s the day Doug hates; his yearly tune up. It’s not painful or anything, it’s the med-shop. It’s such an awkward, rough environment that reminds him of the accident and what he lost. Granted through the miracle of this modern technology, Doug was able to walk again after being a double-amputee, but after the novelty […]


Part of me begins to wake.Part of me was never asleep.Part of me is forever sleeping As I feel myself pulling together, I endure that converging feeling that no one ever warns you about. My mind, my body, and my sprite coalesce into the thing that people now refer to as me; even after three […]

Turing Triage

Meredith wakes up with a cough for the sixth day in a row. What she hoped was simply a cold has lingered and kept her away from the office for almost a week. She decides she’s had enough and ventures to the local community triage. The triage is quite small; it employs one person to […]

RNA Reprogramming

Min didn’t feel any different. However, as she awoke on the cold operating table, her mind began to make sense of the fact that so much had changed. The procedure had to be invasive since the root of her cancer was deep in the bone marrow. Min glanced at the recovery room clock and saw […]

I Remember

I remember not hearing a ping every 30 seconds, conversations without distractions and paying attention to those in my physical presence. I remember silence.  I remember getting lost and being found, making plans to have friends around. I remember trivial arguments that lasted hours and learning – not through Google, but through literary scours. I […]